About Romy Showreel

About Romy.

Avid writer & thought scribbler.

I have loved acting all my life, from Grandma Josephine in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at primary school, to Drama at university (Loughborough, 1st class degree) and a recent Masterclass in Screen Acting from Actors Studio at Pinewood Studios, I have been well and truly in love with performance from a young age. I have always been curious, fascinated with people, stories and connection. Acting brings this to life for me. I love gritty, raw, emotional, challenging roles. I equally love light-hearted, comedic, witty roles and everything in between. I am determined to blur the line between actor and ‘character’, obsessed with creating back story and committed to feeling true, authentic emotions in any role. Creating, bringing the director’s vision to life and working in a passionate, like-minded team makes me feel totally inspired. I simply love the way acting is packed full of possibilities, the exploration of our imaginations and the telling of stories in order to make the audience feel something.

I am now looking for representation in London. I’m attending workshops with Ben Cogan, Clare Davidson and at The Actor’s Centre, while I attend auditions found from Spotlight, Mandy and Backstage. I have an audition coming up at InterVoiceOver in London as I have been interested in voiceover work for a while now and am keen to learn more about this side of the industry. I’m intent on continuing to train, study my craft and gain valuable and varied skills to add strings to my acting bow.


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